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Photo and video are King & Queen of story telling. They are the visuals which draw people in; they capture the attention of an audience and clearly share your vision & brand. 

Whether it's a lifestyle campaign on instagram, a captivating video on Youtube, or your website branded homepage, people deserve to be drawn into your brand.

Allow us to enhance your online posts and print marketing with high quality photography. Show off your business with professional videos which can be shared on your website and social media accounts. Looking to do video advertisements for your services or products? We can help you accomplish that too!

Our Clients


This is where your vision has no limits. We begin with a collaborative process where the best ideas are identified and shaped into a strong foundation for the final product. This saves time and money by refining your message before bringing it to life.

What We Do


Where we move forward with your vision and produce its full potential. The sights and sounds that will tell your story are captured using the latest 4K cameras, drone cinematography and pro audio equipment. The power of a film studio is at your will.


This is where your vision becomes more than a product. Every frame is scrutinized; everything that does not propel your story is cut; every emotion is given maximum resonance. More than just editing, this is the art of human connection.

Shaun Frederickson
Photographer & Videographer

Meet the Team

Gloria Tran
Creative Director & Videographer
Jorge Avilez
Editor & Videographer
Jeff Fox
Carlos Hernandez
Production Assistant
Daniel King

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